Edmonton Tutoring & Reading Assessments

Irlen Syndrome is a sensitivity to light that frequently manifests as a difficulty with reading and writing. Once colour interventions have alleviated the individual’s light sensitivity, further reading improvements may be required and can be achieved through Irlen Centre Edmonton's individualized tutoring program.

Reading and Writing Assessments

We carry out assessments for our clients to determine their areas of proficiency and deficiency using a combination of informal graded reading inventories and standardized tests for reading, writing and spelling. We also use a battery of tests to determine the specific area or areas of difficulty for those who have been labelled as dyslexic. We strongly suggest that the client has been evaluated for Irlen Syndrome prior to the dyslexia evaluation.

Reading and Writing Tutoring

Our tutors are reading specialists and/or special educators who design programs to meet the individual needs of each student. The focus in the early tutoring phases is to determine which areas require intervention and then move quickly into a tutoring plan that is effective for that student. Elements in the tutoring can include phonemic exercises, sight word practice, word work, oral and silent reading, reading strategies, fluency, comprehension, spelling vocabulary and the writing process.

If you or someone close to you could benefit from an assessment or individualized tutoring, contact Irlen Centre Edmonton today.

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