Services & Products for Irlen Syndrome in Edmonton: Coloured Overlays & More

Those affected by Irlen Syndrome can come to Irlen Centre Edmonton for a range of retail products that can assist with learning (particularly reading and writing) and reduce symptoms (such as light sensitivity, headaches, depth perception difficulties and more). We also provide services like screenings, assessments and tutoring at our Edmonton office.

On this page, find the prices of our various products and services. Please note that our listed product prices do not include shipping and handling.

Our Products and Services:

  • Irlen screening - $300 plus GST
  • Irlen lens assessment - $500 plus GST
  • Irlen Coloured Overlays - $8 per overlay or $50 per set of 10 overlays – all one colour or 1 each of the 10 different colours available
  • Irlen Clings™ - $16 each
  • Irlen lens cleaner - $15 for 1 oz. spray bottle, or $35 for 8 oz. refill bottle
  • Reading by the Colours, book by Helen Irlen - $30
  • The Irlen Revolution, book by Helen Irlen - $23
  • Tutoring - $60 per hour
  • Sports Concussions (book) - $15

To order products, contact Irlen Centre Edmonton today and find out how much of a difference proper treatment can make. You can also fill out our order form and we can provide a quote for tax and shipping.


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