Irlen Lenses in Edmonton: Improve Learning with Irlen Spectral Filters

In addition to tutoring, those with Irlen Syndrome can help to increase their learning potential with special tinted lenses. These Irlen Spectral Filters are customized for an individual’s specific light sensitivities. At Irlen Centre Edmonton, we can provide testing to determine the exact tint to best suit an individual’s needs.

Irlen Lenses

Once the Irlen screening is complete, individuals are encouraged to continue on to the testing for Irlen Spectral Filters, as these provide more help than the Overlays. This requires another two-hour testing session in which the precise colour of lenses required to further reduce the identified environmental symptoms is determined. Most people require a combination of five or six different colours of lenses to achieve the maximum benefit. Besides improved academic skills, the Irlen Spectral filters often reduce headaches, dizziness, fatigue and the environmental distortions experienced by some individuals with Irlen Syndrome. The lenses also may reduce light sensitivity and depth perception issues. A lens assessment costs $500.

Not sure if Irlen Lenses are right for you? Have a screening performed to be sure of a proper diagnosis.

Irlen Tint Checks

As individuals with the Irlen Spectral Filters continue to wear them, their brains continue to adapt and change. Sometimes, an individual must have his or her tint combination re-evaluated. Reasons for re-evaluation include:

  • Changes in environment
  • A new workplace or academic setting
  • Health changes
  • Growth spurts in children and adolescents
  • Hormonal changes

Irlen Edmonton is the only place in the Edmonton area that offers Irlen lens assessments. To set up a time to come see us, call Irlen Centre Edmonton. It could be the decision that turns your life around!

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